Available certificates

Out of the box, JobStaq provides users access to a wide range of industry standard certificates, listed below. This collection is constantly growing, so if a standard certificate you require is missing, contact our support team to request this be added. Additionally, some plans come with our custom forms feature, allowing you to build bespoke forms for your business.


  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate (PAD26)
  • Commercial Catering Appliances Gas Safety Inspection (CP42)
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record (PAD8)
  • Domestic Gas Safety (CP12)
  • Maintenance Service Checklist (CP6)
  • Warning Notice (CP14)


  • Domestic Oil Storage Tank Spillage and Fire Risk Assessment (TI 133D)
  • Landlord Oil Installation Check (CD12)
  • Oil Firing Installation Completion Report (CD10)
  • Oil Firing, Servicing and Commissioning Report (CD11)
  • Oil Warning and Advice Notice (CD14)


  • Legionella Risk Assessment (PAD19)