Form status values

There are several status’s in a forms lifecycle that help inform you what actions need taking (if any).


Drafts are copies of forms which are automatically saved on our mobile apps as you’re working to minimise the change you lose data. Drafts remain on the device they were created on and aren’t synced until they’ve been completed by clicking the “save” button on the final page of form creation.


A form that’s been completed and is ready to be sent to the customer. At this stage, the form will be synced to the server and a PDF will be generated. Looking through your forms list filtering for this status should help you identify any forms you’ve forgotten to send to customers.


A customer associated with the job has received a copy of the form. If you’re using communications, this will automatically update once you attach the form to any communication, otherwise, you’re able to manually set this.

Reminder sent

For forms with a renewal date set, if you have automatic reminders configured on your account, the form will change to this status once the first reminder has been sent to the customer. If you’re using manual reminders, you’re also able to set this once you’ve reached out to the customer.

Reminder completed

A new job has been booked in to complete the renewal document, or the customer has indicated they don’t wish to proceed with the renewal of the form. Once in this state, any automatic reminders relating to this form will stop being processed.