Keyboard shortcuts

The calendar view on the web version of JobStaq offers a number of keyboard shortcuts to assist you in efficiently navigating around. The table below summarises the available keyboard shortcuts.

Keys Action
t Navigate to today
m Toggle map visibility (only on day view)
1-7 Navigate to day of week (1=Monday through to 7=Sunday)
Shift + 1-9 Toggle visibility of employee, the number corresponding to the position they show up on the calendar (alphabetical)
⬅️ Navigate to previous view (day/week/month)
➡️ Navigate to next view (day/week/month)
⬆️ Zoom out to next view level (eg. week->month)
⬇️ Zoom in to next view level (eg. week->day)
n Open dialog to create new event
- Zoom out on timeline (day/week view)
+ Zoom in on timeline (day/week view)