SMS Sender

When sending SMSs through JobStaq (for example, as automatic reminders for upcoming services), you can specify the message sender, which appears on your customer’s device when receiving the message.

The two supported options for this value are a variant of your company name, or your mobile number.

Example of a mobile number sender (first) and company name (second)

Company name

When using your company name, this will appear along with the message when received by customers, even if they don’t have you in their address book. This may help as the message will appear more reputable, and they may be more likely to open it.

However, as a result, customers are unable to reply directly to the message, so when using this approach, you should include contact details in your message of how a customer should respond (such as providing your email or number).

This approach is more ideal for larger companies who don’t wish to give out an employee’s number, or where you are mostly using SMS for notifications which you don’t expect customers to respond to.

You have up to 11 alphabetical and numerical characters to use, so you may need to use a shortened version of your company name.

Mobile number

The other option is to use your mobile number. The advantage of this approach is that you will be able to receive customer replies to your phone.

The disadvantage of this approach is that if a customer doesn’t have your number in their contacts, they may be uncertain who it came from (unless you include this information in each message). This approach is advised if you’re a sole trader, or a single person / small company.

Please note: our SMS provider has informed us that messages sent using numeric sender IDs may be rejected by customers on EE’s network.