Job Status

Jobs created in JobStaq have an associated status value, which is automatically updated based on the status of the job to reflect what action (if any) is required, to help ensure you don't lose track of any work.

Status values below marked with an asterisk (*) are those which require attention from office staff to progress the job through its lifecycle - these are shown on "jobs requiring attention" lists in the app and web interface.


The job has been created, however no visit events have been scheduled.

Survey scheduled

An event has been scheduled to survey the site in order to produce a quote for the work.

Not all jobs will use this state - for example, quotes may not be raised, or may be raised without the need of a site visit.

Survey complete*

All survey events on the job have been completed, and the job is ready to have a quote created.

Quote created*

A quote has been created against the job, however is waiting to be issued to the customer.

Quote issued

At least one quote on the job has been sent to the customer.

Quote accepted*

At least one quote on the job has been accepted by the customer, and the work required for the job is ready to be scheduled.

Callout scheduled

At least one event has been scheduled to complete any required work for the job.

Callout completed*

All events of type callout have been completed, and the job is now ready to invoice, or to have more events scheduled if work was unable to be completed during the previous events.

Invoice issued

At least one invoice has been sent to the customer, and the job is awaiting payment.

Invoice partially paid

A partial payment has been made against at least one invoice on the job.

Invoice fully paid

All invoices raised against the job have been fully paid.


The job has been completed by a method which did not involve an invoice being paid (eg. work cancelled, quote rejected).