What does the integration do?

This integration allows the syncing of invoice-related data between JobStaq and Xero. Outlined below is the direction of syncing which can be used:
- Invoices: JobStaq -> Xero
- Invoice Payments: JobStaq <-> Xero
- Credit notes: Xero <-> JobStaq (only for credit notes where the entire value is allocated to a single invoice)
- Customers: JobStaq -> Xero (only synced when there is an invoice assigned to that customer)


In order to use this integration, the following requirements must be met:
- Have an active Xero account
- Have codes in JobStaq corresponding to account codes (from Chart of Accounts page on Xero) for each nominal code you wish to assign invoice items against
- Have codes in JobStaq associated corresponding to Xero bank Account Names (set on Bank accounts page in Xero) with each bank account which you wish to create payments into from JobStaq