What it does

The Mailchimp integration allows you to sync your customer data in order to send customers marketing emails. Any customer in the system who has the 'opt into marketing communications' checkbox ticked will be automatically synced to & subscribed to a specified mailing list in your Mailchimp account. Changes to customer details (including changes to this opt-in checkbox) will be synced to Mailchimp too.

The integration also handles updating the 'opt into marketing communications' checkbox when a customer unsubscribes from a mailing list by themself, and additionally, if a customer whose email is in the system subscribes from elsewhere, this checkbox will be updated too.


Head to Admin Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp in JobStaq, and you will be prompted to enter an API key, which will allow JobStaq access to your Mailchimp account. Click this link (or alternatively, when logged into Mailchimp, go to your name [top right] > account > extras > API keys) in order to go to the Mailchimp dashboard, where you can generate the required API key. From here, you are able to generate a new API key, or view existing ones (though we'd advise creating a new key if you already have one for increased security & control). Once you have a key generated, copy and paste this value to JobStaq, and click the 'update' button.

If successful, you should have the option to select which list from your Mailchimp account you wish to sync customers to - this is automatically populated to the first list which we found in your Mailchimp account, though you are able to change this if required.


We'd also advise you to update the description on your Mailchimp account of how customers subscribed to the list to indicate why they were added (for example, if you ask customers about whether they want to receive marketing communications over the phone). A link to the page to do this on is found in the success notification once you have entered your Mailchimp API key, though alternatively, when on your Mailchimp admin dashboard, go to the lists page, select the list selected in JobStaq, 'settings' tab, then '
Required email footer content', and finally you can adjust the 'Remind people how they signed up to your audience' field to contain whatever other information is required.

It may also be worth considering enabling double opt-in for your mailing list. This will mean once a customer is synced from JobStaq to Mailchimp, they will receive an email from Mailchimp for them to confirm they wish to receive emails. The advantage of enabling this is a potential reduction in 'I never signed up' complaints, which Mailchimp may suspend your account for if you receive too many of. This option can be found in the 'Audience name and campaign defaults' option of the setting dropdown, which is referred to in the paragraph above.