While this integration isn't as direct as the others we offer, using features available in JobStaq and Trustpilot you can configure your JobStaq account to automatically request reviews whenever you issue an invoice by email to a customer.

Setup process

Trustpilot setup

1) Login to your Trustpilot account (if you don't have one yet, click here to sign up)
2) Find your Trustpilot invitation email address - you can get this by going to the "Get reviews" section on the sidebar, and then selecting "Automatic Feedback Service" from the dropdown (or alternatively click here)
3) Click the "Copy email address" button on the page to copy the email address to your clipboard

Now you're ready to configure your JobStaq system to automatically trigger a Trustpilot invitation email, so follow the steps below depending on whether you're using our website or our app.

JobStaq setup (Web)

1) On the sidebar, select the "Settings" link under the admin section
2) Click on the "Communication Templates" option
3) Now you'll need to create a communication template for invoices. If you already have one, feel free to select it and edit that, otherwise, click the "New template" button, and choose a name (such as "Invoice issued"), and select "email" in the method dropdown, and "invoice" in the type dropdown
4) Paste the email you copied from Trustpilot into the BCC field, and populate the message body with some text which can be reused whenever you send an email if you wish

JobStaq setup (App)

1) Open settings
2) Choose the "Communication templates" under the global heading
3) If you don't already have an invoice email template to use, create a new template with the add button in the top right corner, selecting "Email" as the template type
4) Change the level dropdown to select "invoice", and give the message a name
5) Paste the Trustpilot email into the BCC field
6) Optionally, provide a body which will automatically be inserted when the email is sent

Whenever you send an email through the JobStaq website or app for an invoice, if you selec the template which you just created, your company Trustpilot email will automatically be carbon copied in, and this will trigger Trustpilot to send a review invitation to the recipient (to field) of the email.