JobStaq supports publishing your calendar to software which allows configuring iCalendar feeds, such as Outlook, and the iOS calendar app. This allows you to view (but not edit) all events which you are assigned from within other software.

At present, the integration will sync details of any incomplete events associated with the employee whose credentials are provided.

When setting up an iCalendar feed in another app, you’ll be asked to provide connection details for an iCalendar server. The details required to make this work with JobStaq are as follows:

Field Value
Server https://web.jobstaq.co.uk/icalendar
Username The email you use to login to JobStaq with
Password The password you use to login to JobStaq with

Whilst we are unable to provide instructions on how to install our iCalendar feed on all software which provides this functionality, we have linked below instructions for some common software:

The frequency at which the integration updates is dependant on the platform / software you’re using, though there will in most cases be a noticable delay between changes being made to events in JobStaq and these being reflected.