JobStaq provides a CardDAV server to allow you to view details of all your customers and employees within third-party software, such as the contacts app on iOS.


Setup steps will vary between software so we are unable to provide instructions for everything, however, the table below indicates the key details you will require in order to connect to the JobStaq CardDAV server.

Field Value
Username The email you use to login to JobStaq with
Password The password you use to login to JobStaq with

Setup instructions for some populat applications can be found at the links below: - iOS & iPadOS Contacts: - macOS Contacts: - Android requires a third-party app, such as


  • At this point in time, this integration is read-only, so any changes made to data via this integration will not be saved, even if the CardDAV client allows you to do this
  • Only the primary property for each customer will be visible via this integration