Browser Extension

JobStaq offers a browser extension which can be installed on Google Chrome, which allows you to import customer data from some popular lead sites in a single click.


Lead Sites

For users subscribed to the gold plan, the browser extension allows you to import your customer details from supported sites to your JobStaq database in a single click. Once you've logged into the extension, on pages which the extension supports, you will see a button on the page like the one below.
When you click the button, our browser extension will extract the details from the page, and save them to your JobStaq account. A new tab will be opened in your browser to take you directly to the page of the created customer.

Note the extension currently does not make any effort to check if a customer already exists matching the contact details provided, so if the customer was already in your JobStaq database, they will be duplicated. We plan to address this in an upcoming update of the extension, so if they already exist, you are taken to the existing customer page.

If you have configured referral sources in the admin settings section of your account, the extension will automatically attempt to locate a source with the same name as the site, and if one exists, this will be the associated source for the customer in your JobStaq account. Where applicable, lead costs will be imported alongside customer contact information - the price we import is generally exclusive of VAT.


The browser extension can be downloaded through the chrome web store, at

Once installed, the JobStaq icon should appear on your browser toolbar. If you are on Chrome, it may not appear on the toolbar, and you'll need to click the extensions icon (looks like a jigsaw piece) towards the right of your toolbar to see it. Clicking this icon will take you to a login screen, where you need to enter your JobStaq email and password. Once successfully logged in, you're ready to get started using the extension. Whenever you are on a supported lead site viewing customer information, the import button should appear on the page.

Supported sites

The lead sites currently supported are:

If you use any other sites not listed above which you regularly have to copy and paste data between that site and JobStaq, please contact our support team with details so that we can investigate it and determine whether we can add support for it in our browser extensions.