What can each employee role access?

In the software we have four roles which can be assigned to employees, each of which will grant the employee access to different areas of the software.


An engineer is able to be assigned to survey events that are being scheduled on the calendar. They have access to view their scheduled events, and can view and add content to their event, such as notes, forms, and files.


Users with the manager role have access to manager can manage jobs, properties, customers, invoices, and quotes. They are able to view, create and edit any of the above features. This role is intended for employees who are scheduling jobs for surveyors / engineers. They are able to view the locations of surveyors engineers on a map (if you have purchased tracking devices).


Admins have full access to the system. This means they are able to change any account settings (company details, integrations, ect), change the plan that you are on, add / disable users. This is the same level of access that the account creator has.