Basic mode

What is basic mode?

Basic mode offers a simplified version of the app for users who wish to issue quotes, invoices, and certificates without having to setup jobs and events. This is intended to be used for accounts with a single user who are getting started with the software who don't want to be forced into using all of the features offered immediately. Basic mode implicitly handles creating the jobs related to the documents, which makes JobStaq easier to use to start with.

You are able to switch in and out of basic mode at any point in time.


Basic mode can be enabled by any user who has all roles assigned (engineer, manager, and admin) - if you signed up to JobStaq for your company, this will be the case.

Basic mode is only available on our iOS and Android apps, and is unsupported by the web interface. If you are using basic mode on our app, you are still able to use the web interface, though the automatically managed jobs will be visible.

How to enable

When logging into the app for the first time, if your account satisfies the requirements, you'll be presented with a full screen dialog to ask whether you wish to enable basic mode, or use the full version of the app.

At any point in time, you're able to change your mind about this by going to the app settings, and you'll find a "Basic mode" toggle under the "device" section.