In order to allow you to use most of the app when you are in areas without a network connection, our app uses a sync process in order to transfer data between your device and our servers.

Syncing is used to upload any changes which have been made on your device since the last time you ran a sync, and also download any changes from the server - these may have been made by devices belonging to other users in your company, or by yourself on another device.

Syncing can be triggered both automatically and manually. To manually trigger a sync, you can click the "Sync Data" button on the starting screen of the app once logged in. Syncs will automatically start when you make changes to data on your device (provided you have a network connection), and also periodically when the app is in the background (we can't give an exact value for how often this happens, as your phone operating system controls this based on how frequently you use the app).

You can manage your sync settings at "Settings > Sync" in order to have more control over syncing, for example, you can disable file uploads on mobile data if you have limited data on your mobile plan, or can disable automatic syncing. You can view details on when the last sync was executed from here too.

In some cases, there may be some issues with the data which you modified on your device, which for some reason the server won't accept. In these cases, your device will show a popup once a sync has finished with a link to view the errors - the page will explain the cause of the problem and allow you to fix them. This can also be accessed from the "Settings > Sync > Sync errors" page of the app at any time.

In order to ensure the size of the data on your devices remains managable, we currently don't sync the content of uploaded files, and the content of communications back to your device. This means that while you are able to create files and communications without a network connection, once they have synced to the server, you will require a network connection to view them.

Similarly, data relating to vehicle tracking is not synced back to your device, and so a network connection is required in order to view this.