Our web interface and mobile app offer a global search bar, designed to help you quickly locate any information you need within your account.

Supported data

At the moment, you're able to search for:

  • Customers (by name, email, mobile or phone)
  • Properties (by any part of the address)
  • Jobs (by number, customer reference, or description)
  • Notes (by content)
  • Events (by description)
  • Quotes (by number)
  • Invoices (by number)
  • Forms (by number)


On the search bar of the web interface, if you prefix your query with an exclamation mark (!) and a suggested result is available, you'll be navigated straight to that page. This may be useful if you're searching by a document number, eg (!JOB123 for a job), or looking up a customer by email address or phone number.

If you're looking to integrate search with other software (for example, a VoIP soft-phone so you can automatically open the customer's page who is calling you), the search page is located at, and your search query is appended after the query parmeter ?q=. In these scenarios, you'll likely want to use the navigate straight to suggested operator (!), eg.!PHONE_NUMBER_HERE.


On the app menu screen, you'll find a search bar located at the top of the page (if your account has sufficient permissions), which you're able to use to search across all supported data.

The app search is designed to work without an internet connection by searching the synced database on your device. As a result, there may occasionally be different search results returned than on the web interface.