Key concepts

There are a number of concepts which you will encouter when using JobStaq, and the terminology may differ from previous systems you have used. This article aims to give a brief summary of the most common concepts.

These concepts are for non-basic mode usage of JobStaq - if you are using basic mode, some of these are hidden from you to simplify the use of the app.


Customers are either people or companies which you perform work for, and the associated contact details (email, mobile, and landline) if known.


A property is an address which belongs to one or more of your customers. You are able to add links between customers and properties which store the relation type (such as landlord and tenant).


A job is a container for data relating to work at a single property, which will generally result in a single invoice being issued. You are able to store the contact customer, site address, and billing customer on a job, and can associate quotes, invoices, and events to a job.


An event is a time range which you've assigned through the calendar to a certain action. Events may relate to jobs (for example, a callout to install a boiler), or may be general (for example, to block off periods of a calendar for an engineer's holiday).


A quote is a document which indicates the anticipated price of work carried out as part of a job. You're able to set a footnote common to all quotes for any information to show across all quotes (for example, that prices shown are estimates and may be subject to change).


An invoice is a document which is sent to customers to indicate the price of the work they are required to pay for a job. You are able to automatically copy items from a quote on the same job if one exists to save time.


Files are documents which you've uploaded to JobStaq, or are automatically generated. You can use these to save images as evidence that you've completed the agreed work, and we automatically create files for any quotes, invoices, and forms which you create in JobStaq. Click here to see more details about how files work and other uses.


A communication is a message you send to a customer through JobStaq. This may be an email, an SMS, or a printed & posted letter (SMS & letters charged at the rate associated with your plan). You are able to attach files (such as quotes and invoices), and track whether a customer has received, and in some cases opened, the message. If you frequently are typing out similar messages to customers, you may want to take a look into communication templates to speed this up.


An asset is a piece of hardware, such as a boiler, which is installed at one of your customers properties. It is used to record all details about the appliance, such as its serial number and installation location.

Forms / Certificates

Forms and certificates are documents filled by engineers while on site at a customer's property as part of the work, for example a domestic gas safety certificate. These make use of assets, so you don't have to repeat typing out data when reattending a property for further work.


Notes are pieces of additional information which you want to store however JobStaq doesn't have fields specifically for this purpose. You can create notes for customers, jobs, and properties.


An employee is a user in your company. You are able to create new employees (billed at the rate of your plan) to grant other users in your company access to JobStaq, and have some control over what data they have access to (click here for details).

Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders are system generated communications sent to customers when a quote, invoice, or form requires action (such as payment or renewal). Click here to see our article explaining how this works.

Analyser Logs

Analyser logs are used to store data from supported analysers (currently Kane 458 & 458S) which have been connected to the app using Bluetooth. You are able to store the property and asset which the log relates to. These can be used to auto-populate some form fields (eg. combustion analyser readings on domestic gas safety certificates).